For most, their wedding day has been something they have been planning in their head for over a decade, knowing exactly how the day will unfold. This is especially the case for brides, with women renowned for having particular and unique ideas for their big day. While the majority of wedding scrapbooks focus on the all-important dress and flowers brides and grooms should never underestimate the importance of the wedding DJ.

The importance of the wedding DJ

Wedding DJs play an integral role in any wedding celebration, being responsible for setting the tone of the event and enhancing the ambience of the wedding reception. From celebratory music when the happy couple made their explosive appearance to melodic music during dinner, a great wedding DJ will only amplify these iconic and memorable moments.

Can I choose my own wedding songs?

This is a question we get asked a lot! The truth is that it is totally dependent on the wedding DJ you decide to go with. What we can tell you is that when working with Iconic DJs for your wedding entertainment, we can create bespoke music solutions that are influenced by you. Whether you want us to take complete control of the playlist, have a select few songs you wish to be peppered throughout the event, or want to choose every song, we can make it work.

Indian wedding DJs

As you may well know, Iconic DJs specialise in Indian wedding celebrations, with our DJs inspired by the wonderful music of South Asia. Therefore, if you are looking for traditional Indian wedding entertainment but with a modern twist, you are in safe hands with Iconic DJs.

To request a free, no-obligation quote for wedding DJ services for your big day, feel free to contact us today. A member of our friendly and helpful team will assist you with your enquiry, giving you all the answers you need to book your wedding DJ with confidence.