As the seasons come and go, in the wedding industry so do trends. Of course, planning a wedding should centre entirely on the personal taste of yourself and your partner, but drawing on other wedding themes for inspiration can help contribute to your wedding plans no end. One of the most common questions when beginning your wedding planning is whether you’re going to opt for a modern or more traditional wedding. Both of course have their positives, and indeed, whichever you choose, know that your wedding will be simply stunning and the best day of your life.

However, here are the benefits for both modern and traditional weddings, in an attempt to help you choose which theme will act as the foundation for your very own wedding.

Traditional wedding planning

A traditional wedding is of course what is depicted in the movies and what one immediately conjures to mind upon hearing the phrase ‘wedding’. From a big white gown to matching bridesmaids, groomsmen in sharp suits and fancy white cars. A three course meal and a classic first dance with a band to serenade you into the night.

The real benefit of a traditional wedding is that you will have an album of wedding pictures which are truly timeless. Traditional weddings and the individual elements which create a traditional wedding will never go out of fashion, and have proven to stand the ultimate test of time. This means that no matter who you show your wedding pictures to or how you recall your special day, you will have a memory which remains every inch as perfect and on trend as the day itself.

Here at Iconic, we have helped plan traditional weddings for many years, with our event design facility renowned for celebrating such traditional styles on a large scale.

Modern wedding planning

Modern weddings are arguably more exciting, with a selection of elements that you can manipulate to perfectly reflect the personal taste of yourself and your partner. From choosing a wedding dress that is a different colour to white, or perhaps opting for bridesmaid dresses which aren’t uniform in style, or even adopting a bohemian vibe and adding a flower crown or messy braid to the bride’s hairstyle, modern weddings are completely customisable and oh so effective in their impact.

You can also choose a hire a Dj that plays modern music, injecting modernity into the entertainment strand of your celebration. In addition to music, modern weddings also give way to more creative décor, with mirrored dancefloors, dramatic lighting and innovative performers enabling brides and grooms to add adorable personalised elements to their special day.

The benefit of opting for a more modern style wedding is that you have an end result which is utterly unique, completely customised to you as a couple; a perfect reflection of the people that you were when you chose to tie the knot.

Regardless of whether you opt for a modern or a traditional wedding, your special day will comprise of elements specifically selected by yourself and your partner, which makes it totally special. You will be surrounded by all of your loved ones in one occasion, and whether modern or traditional is the theme of the day, you simply can’t get much better than that.

For more information on planning your upcoming wedding, contact us at Iconic; learning more about the various services our amazing team can offer.