Finding a wedding DJ that understands the ethos of your wedding, your vision and the music you love can feel like a strenuous task. You will likely have been scrolling through Google searching ‘Wedding DJs near me‘, in a plea to find the perfect wedding entertainment.

Well, you will be glad to learn that you have found yourself on the right website. Here at Iconic DJs, we offer a comprehensive wedding DJ service that has enhanced and enriched thousands of weddings throughout the UK. While specialising in Asian wedding DJ hire, our services are bespoke, meaning our DJs can create playlists and event production services in keeping with your wedding celebration.

Experienced wedding DJs

Our team of wedding DJs are renowned for getting guests on the dance floor, with their 15+ years of bookings being a testament to that. Being highly sought-after and well-known, our DJs are more than capable of serving your wedding entertainment needs. Whatever the vibe, guest numbers or venue, our DJs can bring your celebration to life through music.

Other services from Iconic DJs

While our name would suggest that wedding DJ hire is our only service, it is just one of many options we offer event planners. In fact, over the years we have grown to become a full-circle events company with a whole catalogue of services to offer our customers.

Other services you can source via us include:

  • Production
  • Vision
  • Event Design
  • Event Production
  • Dance Floors
  • Performer Hire

Looking for wedding DJ hire? Chat with us now!

If you would like to discuss wedding DJ hire with one of our team members, we would love to talk to you. You can get in touch via Live Chat right now and have any questions you have answered. What are you waiting for?