Planning a wedding, as many people will know, can get quickly out of hand. In fact, more than 50% of couples exceed their initial budget when arranging their wedding celebrations and the all-important honeymoon. 

When the wedding date starts to approach, many will start to map out the finer details of the event, including entrainment and reception add-ons. One of the many services brides and grooms consider is wedding dance floor hire. If you’re in two minds as to whether or not your budget should include wedding dance floor rental, we hope this blog helps!

What are the benefits of wedding dancefloor hire? 

To decide whether or not wedding dance floor rental is right for your wedding reception, you must first explore the benefits. Here are just a few:

Encourage more dancing: Although the vows, speeches and food are integral parts of the wedding, most guests will remember the entertainment over everything, especially the dancing. With aching feet the next day, wedding guests know that a wedding full of dancing is the best type of wedding. Being inviting, wedding dance floors encourage more people to get up, dance, let their hair down and enjoy the wedding to the utmost!

Add ambience to the venue: Most wedding dance floors have LED lights integrated into them, meaning they not only serve as a space to dance but complement a wedding reception’s aesthetic too. So, if you want to add ambience to your wedding reception room, introducing a dance floor is a great way to achieve this. 

Wedding photographs: Wedding photographers play a crucial role in capturing those magical moments of your big day. Dancefloors make for a great prop for photographers to use!

How much does wedding dancefloor hire cost? 

The cost of wedding dance floor hire depends on many things. This is why here at Iconic DJs, we always provide bespoke quotations based on the individual requirements of our customers. To receive a tailored quote for wedding dance floor hire for your big day, contact us today.