Weddings – whether they’re small or large, are difficult to plan. This is largely down to the many components making up the big day. If you’re a bride, groom, or professional party planner, having a system where you can track your wedding suppliers is essential in our eyes. Over the years, we at Iconic DJs have worked with thousands of people tasked with planning key events, such as weddings. Here are a few tips on managing vendors that we have picked up along the way. So, if you are in the process of planning a large-scale wedding or an intimate gathering, be sure to take these tips on board.


Getting to know your suppliers is essential if you’re looking to forge a great relationship with them and enjoy a well-executed event. We find communicating via video on systems like Zoom works well. This intimate level of conversation allows vendors to get a true feel for the wedding plans and how they can best enhance them.


Tracking your wedding vendors and your required payments is a worthwhile task. The average wedding uses more than ten separate vendors, all of which boast their own payment schedules. While some require upfront payments, others can be settled via two payments or even a monthly plan. Knowing where you are with regard to your wedding budget is of the utmost importance. Collating these in a spreadsheet is therefore advised.

Online calendars and reminders 

Having online calendars to keep a hold on your to-do list is a great idea. The last thing you want is to miss a payment or confirmation requirement and lose your booking. Digital to-do list options are also worth exploring.

Looking for wedding DJ hire? 

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