At Iconic we offer a wide range of services to clients, providing everything from event and stage design to lighting and bespoke LED walls. Bringing events to life through various services, we display a mission to stay ahead of the times, passionate about our offering of stylish, luxurious and modern experiences. However, one service that has stood the ultimate test of time is DJ hire, with every event requiring the ambiance that music brings. Enjoying a long list of professional DJs we boast the ability to cater to all tastes.

Working with the latest in cutting edge sound and light technology we provide more than simply background music, blessing various types of events with a full production package.  


Eager to create memories for all guests, brides and grooms have favoured DJ hire for years, understanding the ability music has to evoke all types of emotions. From the entrance of the happy couple to their first dance, all of these poignant moment are only intensified through the use of great music. Boasting over 15 years of experience in wedding planning we can recommend a variety of services to give your big day that touch of panache.  

Corporate events  

While corporate events are traditionally stuffy, boring occasions the Iconic team hold the ability to transform things, injecting a bit of excitement into the evening. This is mainly achieved through the following services: 

  • DJ hire
  • Performers 
  • Dancefloors 
  •  Lighting 
  • LED wall/screen design  
  •   Event design  
  • And much more! 

Birthday celebrations  

Here in the UK our birthday parties are getting bigger and better with each year that passes, adopting the American love for big birthday bashes. Due to this companies like us have become much in demand, with all types of birthday parties in need of professional services. At Iconic we have been offering DJ hire, event production and many other services to 16th, 18th, 30th, 50th and even 70th birthday parties, catering to specific tastes and visions when doing so. 

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If you are looking to hire a DJ for any type of event then be sure that we at Iconic can be of assistance, offering access to some of the best DJs, lighting and dancefloors the UK has to offer. Contact us today and learn more about the vast event planning possibilities at hand.