With the pandemic causing drastic changes to the wedding and events industry, the ‘traditional’ wedding seems to be a thing of the past. Here at Iconic DJs, we love nothing more than seeing brides and grooms put their stamp on their wedding celebrations, trying new things and staying true to what they really want.

Over the past 18 months, we have helped happy couples plan Winter weddings. Below, we look at a few benefits to ditching the conventional summer do!

Affordable wedding suppliers

Around 80% of weddings take place in the summer months, meaning suppliers are generally pretty quiet during the winter season. For this reason, they tend to offer more competitive rates in the Winter. If you are looking to save money or are on a tight budget, looking at Winter wedding options is a great idea.

From our research, we found the following services to be considerably cheaper when booked for outside of the Summer months:

  • Wedding DJ hire
  • Wedding venues
  • Wedding catering
  • Wedding clothing hire
  • And more!

Wedding entertainment

At Summer weddings, you find that guests are dotted around the place, some inside, some outside. With Winter weddings, the inside of the venue is the focal point. This means wedding entertainment takes centre stage. If you want to ensure your wedding DJ is enjoyed for every second that he/she is playing, getting married in the winter is a great idea!


Due to Covid, many brides and grooms that have had to postpone their celebrations are now rebooking. This means availability is limited when it comes to suppliers, honeymoons etc. For a wider choice of venue, clothing, food and entertainment, opting for a less popular time of the year is advised.

Book your wedding DJ

If you are eager to book a wedding DJ, then you are on the right website! As wedding DJ hire specialists, we can help ensure your wedding is one to remember, no matter when in the year it takes place!