Whether you are planning a lavish wedding with all the bells and whistles or an intimate affair with just a few guests, finding the right wedding DJ to suit the tone, style and the theme of the wedding can be difficult. Here at Iconic DJs, we have been supplying wedding DJ hire services for decades, with our top-class DJs being second-to-mine. As a result, we know exactly what makes a top wedding DJs. Below, we outline the top qualities of a wedding DJ worth hiring.

Set solutions

While wedding DJs are responsible for enhancing the audio aspects of an event, a good DJ will also impact the visuals and aesthetics on the day. We advise opting for a DJ solution that includes a set, with DJ booths and well-designed stages able to take wedding entertainment from memorable to unforgettable.

Crowd pleasers!

It takes a certain level of skill and personality to please a crowd of wedding guests. At iconic DJs, we do our research, getting to know our brides and grooms and devising a tailored entertainment package to suit. This ensures we are on point with the tone of the event and can truly please the crowds!

AV equipment

Only the best weddings Djs will have the best equipment. Asking what a DJ has in the way of set and technology is wise before placing a booking.

Wedding DJ hire with Iconic DJs

Here at Iconic DJs, we boast decades of experience in the world of wedding DJ hire, with our talented DJs having blessed thousands of weddings across the globe. Whether you are looking for an Asian wedding DJ specialist or a destination wedding DJ, we can p. Contact us today to get a price for wedding DJ hire in your area.