Although getting engaged is one of the happiest parts of someone’s life the looming stress of planning the wedding can often override that joy, needing a schedule that rids of the anxiety that wedding planning brings. At Iconic we have helped plan our fair share of weddings, understanding what it takes to make a stress-free plan. Feeling the need to share this information here are our top 5 tips for a wedding devoid of stress.

Decide on a budget as early as possible

While a pretty obvious one budget needs to be something that is decided on at the very beginning of the planning process, ensuring you are looking into services and products that do not break the bank. Although money should not dictate everything having a budget allows you to create a wedding that makes sense, ensuring that a certain style and grandness can be located across the board.

Take advice

Where the majority of brides and grooms will want to come up with original ideas that nobody has ever progressed at their wedding it is advisable to take advice from the experienced, learning of other people’s success and horror stories. Whether it be friends, family members or online reviewers, there is no such thing as too much research.

Stay true to your own needs

So many times have we seen happy couples create a wedding that they have planned for their guests, putting their own wedding dreams aside to impress the guest-list. This infamously encourages stress, seeing couples feeling an overarching pressure to deliver. At Iconic we encourage brides and grooms to stay true to themselves, planning a wedding that pays homage to their lifestyle and relationship.

Remember it’s a celebration

Too often are planners and couples bogged down by the intricacies of the big day, forgetting the most important thing of all – it’s a celebration! To conclude the recipe for a great, relaxed wedding atmosphere lays with the planning approach taken. Plan for you and you will be sure to look back at your wedding with fond, unparalleled memories.