Whether you are planning an intimate wedding with just close family and friends in attendance or the wedding celebration of the year, the one thing you will be certain of is the need for a wedding DJ. Recent studies show that more than 85% of UK and destination weddings have DJs. This is because great wedding DJs can enhance wedding receptions tenfold, ensuring the ambience is right, the music is uplifting and everyone is enjoying themselves.

With DJs being so integral to a successful wedding, forging a great relationship with your chosen supplier is advised. Here is how:

Have in-person contact

Making sure all of your wedding vendors are on the right page as to how your wedding should pan out is essential. Only can you communicate your desires properly with a good old fashioned conversation. This is why having an initial face to face is advised. Due to the pandemic, many wedding DJs have been meeting brides and grooms via Zoom.

Share your musical tastes

Communication is key if you want to get the most from your wedding suppliers. This is why sharing your musical tastes with your DJ will ensure there are no disappointments on the day. Whether there are some songs that you are passionate about hearing on your big day or some tracks you wish your DJ to avoid playing, sharing this with him is important.

Look after them on the night!

Being a DJ involves a great deal more than just playing songs. They keep the crowd lively and engaged all night which is an incredibly hard task. At the event, it is always nice to look after your DJ, ensuring they are happy, have food and drink and they are enjoying the event too.

Share your experience

After your wedding, you will no doubt want to thank your suppliers for their hard work and help in making your dream wedding a reality. This is why it is nice to leave a review of your wedding DJ on their website/social media pages.

Book wedding DJs through Iconic DJs

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