With the humble party reaching new heights in recent years, events such as birthdays, weddings and corporate events need to wow, with both professional and unprofessional party-planners going to extreme lengths to impress clients and guests alike. At Iconic we like to stay ahead of the trends, understanding what people want, expect and relish in when attending such prolific events.

Of late we have seen a growing trend in dancefloor hire, with hundreds of our clients requesting bespoke solutions in order to offer an unparalleled experience.

Emphasising themes

Weaving your chosen theme throughout every aspect of the event is where our expertise come in, offering tailored event design services at venues all over the country. So, whether you are working with a modern, vintage, fairy-tale or Bollywood theme, be sure that our dancefloor options will only compliment its surroundings.

Our most popular dancefloor hire options include:

LED Starlite

From the bride and groom’s initials to logos and images, our dancefloor hire possibilities really are endless.

Why invest in the dancefloor?

Although partygoers tend to make their own dance space of close proximity to the DJ, at larger venues such areas need to be clearly defined, bringing attention to the all-important dancefloor. Regarded as the centrepiece of any wedding, birthday or business event, the dancefloor is usually where great memories unfold, photographs are taken and new friends are made; an area that brings people together in the name of celebration.

For this reason paying attention to the dancefloor is important, ensuring it is visually attractive for photographers to use as a prop as well as being an inviting space, encouraging all of the guests to let loose and make the most of the event.

Speak with a specialist

If you are interested in learning more about our event design and dancefloor services then feel free to contact us today. With years of experience in the event planning industry we will be sure to provide all the information and assistance you require.