At Iconic we have contributed to the UK event planning industry for many years, understanding what it takes to plan and execute the event of the century. With the key being effective, organised planning, our team work with a strategic approach, putting hard work in to enable the outcome of fun and excitement. Specialising in stage design, production, DJ hire and lighting, we know more than anyone that things take time, with some large events requiring months, even years to plan start to finish.

If you are a professional party planner or have accidentally found yourself with the huge responsibility of organising an important event, allow our top tips to help throughout the planning process.

Develop a plan and stick to it

Whilst an obvious point to make, it is essential that as an event planner you stick to your plan, crafting a list of duties that have to be ticked off in chronological order. In doing so not only do you save time but you ensure the essence of the event stays alive, not cutting corners and making decisions inline with theme and initial vision. By setting out these goals each step you take as a planner will lead you to the desired end result.

Pay attention to the smaller details

While big gestures such as DJ hire and mirrored dancefloors are real statements, the truth is they are expected in the age of party panache that we are in. For this reason the more humble, smaller details tend to stick in guests’ minds. Whether it be a little gimmick like a personalised placemat or a shout out from a performer, the more unique elements your event boasts the better.


From music and centrepieces to dancefloors and flowers, the one thing that brings all of these things together is ambience. Being a pretty fluid word, ambience basically refers to character and atmosphere, with our event design services renowned for implementing a delightful ambience.

Understanding the importance of a great tone, many of our clients opt for our event design services, with the Iconic team specialising in the following themes:

  • Traditional Asian
  • Lavish Asian
  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood
  • Chinese
  • Arabian
  • Winter wonderlands
  • Fairy woodlands
  • Tropical island
  • Luxury cruise
  • And much more

So, whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event or even a big birthday party, be sure to always plan with that end goal in mind, taking small steps to ensure you get their in time and in style.