It’s undeniable that in many ways, children simply make weddings. Whether they are flower girls or page boys, or simply guests to the wedding, having children at your special day can create the most gorgeous atmosphere full of joy and warmth. There isn’t anything quite as special as watching children dancing and having a good time, but keeping them entertained for the duration of a wedding can be an arduous task in itself! We couldn’t have a wedding without our loved little ones in attendance, but it’s important to ensure they’re thoroughly entertained in order to avoid tantrums and create a lovely atmosphere on your big day.

Here at Iconic we have put together a selection of ideas that will help you to entertain children at weddings, creating a wonderful day which everyone can enjoy; regardless of how old you are.

Children’s Table

Opting to put all of the children on the same table at the wedding might initially seem like a risky move, but as long as they’re in plain sight of parents and easily accessible, creating a children’s table could be the best idea for keeping children entertained on your big day. All of the children will be allowed to socialise and entertain each other, making friends and playing to pass the time. You can add colouring in and crayons or coloured pencils to the table to keep them entertained and playing nicely too!
At Iconic, we have been known to go one step further, using our event design abilities to create exclusive, playful spaces for our clients’ little guests.

Pic ‘n’ Mix Station

Opting for a pic ‘n’ mix station at your wedding is something which has grown exponentially in popularity thanks to the likes of Pinterest and other adorable wedding planning apps. Adding a station whereby little ones can choose their own sweets and enjoy a little treat is sure to keep children occupied at a wedding – and indeed adults too!

Outdoor Games

If your wedding features as sizeable outdoor space then why not consider a games area to entertain the children? From Jenga to Twister or even Hopscotch, keeping a variety of games outside in an area that won’t change the ambience or appearance of your special day will be of no extra cost to you but will provide endless entertainment for little ones!

Party Bags

Creating a miniature party bag for each of your miniature guests will take no time at all and will be an incredibly low cost for you, but could keep little hands and minds entertained all day long! You can fill it with little puzzles, sweets and colouring books, props and party accessories too. Each of these are incredibly easy to come by and adding barely any additional budget to your day will act as the ultimate entertainment for your child guests.


Best known for our DJ hire services, we have in the past requested children’s playlists, giving young ones more reason to prevail their infectious energy. Giving parents and guardians the space to enjoy themselves without having to keep entertaining the children, such ideas simply give way to a more harmonious, relaxed atmosphere.

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