Here at Iconic, one of our most celebrated services is custom dancefloors, with our team having created some incredible dance spaces for a variety of events and occasions during our time in business. Injecting a touch of uniqueness into such celebrations, we ensure that when your guests step inside the venue, their breath will well and truly be taken away!

From the conception of a design to producing and living out your vision, we at Iconic will bring your dream event into the realms of reality, seeing that the evening will be cemented in their fond memories indefinitely.

Enhancing wedding décor

With the British wedding being bigger and better than ever; brides, grooms and party planners are honing in on the fun factor more so than ever before. As a result, the dance space has evolved, with planners wanting to pepper the space with attitude. Having almost formed into a wedding photography prop, the dancefloor can take any shape you so wish, with many of our happy couples opting to have their initials placed in the centre of the dancefloor.

Celebrating a big birthday?

Here in the UK, we have certainly adopted the ‘Sweet 16’ style birthday bash, with milestone birthdays such as your 16th, 18th, 21st and 30th not dissimilar to a wedding celebration. With many lucky boys and girls even getting their own logo created, through Dance Floor Décals such individuals can plaster their venue with their unique personality and imagery. Being able to be added and removed from flooring materials quite easily,  it is understandable why Dance Floor Décals are the hottest new décor feature in the industry right now.

Themed dancefloors

Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday, corporate event or even a religious celebration, the dancefloor will be where everyone comes together. Being very much a focal point of the party, organisers like to carry the theme of the event over to the dance space, with patterns, dates, messages and names all popular ways to customise.

Want to learn more about customised dancefloors? If so, contact us as Iconic today and allow any member of our team to assist. Having enjoyed designing big events for many years, we will be sure to make your upcoming event a celebration to remember.