When planning your wedding the importance of entertainment should never be underestimated, with guests wanting to let loose and enjoy the celebration to the utmost. This is particularly important when arranging an Asian wedding celebration, with Muslim, Sikh and Hindu celebrations infamously flamboyant.

Understanding the stresses involved in planning such a prolific event we at Iconic have put together a guide; a set of rules that will help you make an informed wedding DJ choice. We hope it helps!

Do your research

Like any wedding product or service you need to do your digging prior to parting with your money. With the internet now being a huge space for commentary reviews are easily obtainable, allowing you to gain real advice from those who have already tied the knot. With companies such as Trust Pilot now urging people to leave their thoughts on wedding services you will find everything you need to know about a specific DJ from the comfort of your own smartphone.

Attend a wedding

By going to one of your chosen DJ’s weddings scheduled before yours you can get a feel for what your big day will be like. From doing this you can think about anything you want to take from the wedding, deciding what areas you want to inject into your reception. Whether this be songs, lighting or stage decorations, any great DJ will share your vision in creating a wedding that will go down in history.

Inject your personality into the playlist

Although your wedding is all about putting on a display of incredible features and offerings the essence of the day must always be captured. For this reason you should include songs that mean something to you as a couple, whether it be a song in the charts when you first met or an emotional song with relatable lyrics.

Take advice from close family and friends

Sometimes when you are so close to a project your opinions can get blurred, either wanting to take the easy option or being excessive in your selections. Taking advice from family members and friends will ensure you make decisions that will suit you, your guests and most importantly – the wedding budget. Where some brides can start to feel out of control when taking advice just remember, suggestions do not have to be actions, simply explore your options and choose the right DJ for you.

Iconic can help!

To learn more about the best wedding DJs in the industry simply seek the help of Iconic. We help advise on an entertainment plan that will reflect your wedding style perfectly. Get in touch today by visiting our ‘Contact Us’ page.