Nearly all weddings encompass music into their celebrations, with music able to uplift the venue, provide backdrops to emotional moments and generally enhance the mood and atmosphere of the day. This is why many go to great lengths when researching what wedding entertainment to opt for. One question that crops up a lot is, ‘should I book a wedding DJ or a band’? Here, we look at why wedding DJ hire is simply a must!

Variety of Songs

A wedding Dj can play a variety of songs from a variety of artists, giving attendees a whole night of varied entertainment. When having a band, they usually stick to one genre and style, which can get repetitive. A good wedding DJ will get to know you and the type of celebration you’re looking to put on, devising a playlist and set that will blow everyone away.

DJ Sets

When hiring a professional DJ, they are renowned for creating a real visual impact on the wedding venue. From DJ booths to lighting, smoke machines and effects, DJs are just as visual as they are audio. If this is the type of vibe you want at your wedding, choosing a DJ over a band is a must!

Equipment and Ease of Setup 

When hiring a DJ, they’ll bring their own equipment and decorative items with them, including mixing decks, speakers, lights and so on. Depending on what band you choose, this may not be the case. So, if you’re looking for the entertainment to take care of itself, hiring a wedding DJ is advised.

Make Requests 

Wedding DJs are used to playing the crowd, taking requests and going with the flow. This is not usually the case with a band, with bands having their own set tracks that they have prepared.

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