With the summer on the way, many brides and grooms of 2023 will be starting to get their ducks in line, arranging the finer details of their much-awaited wedding celebrations. However, with the pandemic changing what we call the ‘traditional’ wedding, couples are having to contend with new and inventive trends. Below, we look at some of the trends set to take the forefront in 2023.


The retro theme is set to make a comeback this year, with the style of yesteryear expected to be on-trend. From old-school decor to vintage clothes, retro themes are on track to be big business in 2023.

Bespoke playlists

Where many wedding DJs are given the freedom to devise their own playlists and compilations, many brides and grooms are now looking at creating their own bespoke playlists, with the help of their wedding DJ of course.

Significant investment in entertainment

As well as wedding DJ hire, couples are looking at a whole entertainment schedule for 2023. From singers and dancers to magicians and musicians, the couples of 2023 are looking to put on a real show!

Hybrid weddings

Covid 19 saw many couples downscale their weddings, working with small numbers. This led to inventive ways for ‘virtual’ guests to attend via video stream, giving way to ‘virtual weddings’. This is a trend that will stick around!

Personalised weddings

As mentioned, tradition has gone out the window in recent years, seeing brides and grooms planning the weddings they want, not what convention tells them they want.

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