If you are in the process of planning an upcoming wedding, corporate event or even a birthday party, it is important that your event is on trend, speaking to the modern partygoers and standing out for all the right reasons. At Iconic we aim to achieve just that, offering a wealth of event planning services to the people of the UK. Crafting bespoke packages for each of our clients, we give planners the apparatus to devise the event of the year, currently working with all types of planners to organise some of the biggest events in 2017.

With our business centred on modernity it is our job to stay up to date with the latest event planning trends, finding the following services to be at the forefront of party planners’ minds.

Mirrored dancefloors     

With the dancefloor being the centre of the venue, a unique-style dancefloor can have a real impact on the image an event conveys. Hosting the important first dance for weddings and bringing friendship groups together at birthday celebrations, the dancefloor is where many memories unfold, being an area all about fun. Boasting such an importance many 2017 events are opting for mirrored dancefloors, a service that we at Iconic are proud to provide. Making for a stunning visual and a great prop for the all-important pictures, a mirrored dancefloor creates the ideal surface for guests  to let themselves go.


With the Iconic team in full swing with regards to 2017 preparations we are starting to see a lot of themed celebrations, with our clients leaning towards the following:

  • Traditional
  • Lavish Asian
  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood
  •  Chinese
  • Arabian
  • Winter wonderlands
  • Fairy woodlands


Nowadays we are seeing more and more tech integrations with events, with many of our celebrations sporting their own hashtags for social media users to utilise. With guests needing to Instagram pretty much everything, the more impressive the setup the better, seeing images and posts keeping the spirit of the event alive online.

For more information on any of our event planning and design services, contact us today and learn more about the amazing possibilities at hand.